MCT Coconut Oil and Brain Health

MCT coconut oil has been proven to enhance focus, memory, and cognitive function.
MCT Coconut Oil and Brain Health

MCT Coconut Oil, Brain Tea

Your brain is nearly 60% fat 

It’s no wonder that some dietary fats would be especially good for your brain. MCT coconut oil is one of those healthy fats. [1]

If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a great time to learn more. Once you learn about the cognitive benefits, you’ll want to start making it a part of your daily routine.


What is MCT Coconut Oil?

MCT Coconut Oil is also called MCT oil. MCT stands for “medium chain triglycerides”. This is what is extracted from coconut oil to make MCT oil.

MCT is easy to digest and absorb. It has gained a lot of traction in sports performance and weight loss. However, the most promising studies on MCT oil are on it’s connection to brain health.


Brain Tea MCT

MCT Oil is a key ingredient in BrainTea


Some of the Brain Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT can supply the brain with 8-9% more energy!

This can contribute to increased focus and mental clarity. It may also translate into feeling mentally sharper. It has been shown to improve cognitive function in hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) conditions [2].

MCT oil also has neuroprotective potential. One study showed that MCT oil could slow the progression of Multiple Sclerosis [3].

That is because the ketone bodies in MCT oil fight inflammation. The ketones are brain cell protective [4].

MCT oil, when paired with a high-fat diet, has been shown to delay brain aging. This has vast implications for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A brain affected by Alzheimer’s can readily take up the ketones in MCT oil, which can be used by the brain for energy [5].

MCT coconut oil was shown in one study to improve memory recall in patients with mild cognitive dysfunction [6].

The fact that it is high in antioxidants means that MCT oil can also fight oxidative damage. Specifically, oxidative damage to brain cells. This oil can also help with the absorption of other brain-boosting substances, and increasing the bioavailability of fat-soluble nootropics [7].


The Mental Health Benefits of MCT Oil

Good mental health is important for a healthy functioning brain.

MCT oil has mental health benefits too. It has been found that MCT oil could help reduce stress-induced depression [7]. Some experts are calling it an “antidepressant functional food”.


Is it Safe to Supplement with MCT Oil?

Unless you have a specific allergy to coconut, MCT oil is completely safe for supplementation. Remember to take MCT oil at the recommended dose. If you exceed the recommended dose, you may experience mild gastrointestinal problems.

MCT Oil is one of the main organic ingredients in BrainTea. Ready to energize your brain?


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