About Brain Tea

Brain Tea by Organic Boost

Boosting Brain Performance; Naturally!

Tea is better when it is closest to nature, love, and care.
- Alex Kahel, Founder of Brain Tea Inc.

Brain Tea Inc. is a Canadian based company whose mission is to increase awareness of natural ways to augment brain functions and natural supplements to reduce stress and anxiety.

Focusing on quality and ethical farming. Our promise is 100% organically grown tea ingredients, naturally harvested, processed, and packed. We support local farmers in North America and worldwide. 

Founded in early 2018 under OrganicBoost Inc. combining the science of brain health with the passion for tea into a single product, creating the world’s first ‘BrainTea™’. 

All of our products are made in North America from the highest quality herb and extracts. At BrainTea we believe that people deserve and should expect more benefits from their tea.


Brain Tea Inc. 

Quality Manufacturing

FDA approved manufacturing facility.
BrainTea formulas are Approved by Health Canada.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all US orders.

And worldwide for orders above $99.

Organic Ingredients

BrainTea is 100% organic.

Grown in North America from the highest quality herbs and extracts.

Customer Support

A world-class support team that genuinely cares. Field experts that are happy to be of your service.