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Get access to nature's super nutrients and boost your focus, cognitive ability, memory and generate new brain cells. 

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100% Organic Ingredients

Our Brain Tea is 100% organic,  with local and high quality imported ingredients. 

Vegetarian, allergen-free, no sugar added, chemicals free, produced in an FDA certified facility, and approved by Health Canada to support memory and focus and to boost brain function.

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What Is so Special About Our TeaBag?

Eco-Friendly Tea Bag

Our teabags filter media is manufactured in the USA from 100% Biodegradable fibers. It is biodegradable and compostable in 14 to 21 days.

Full Taste Neutrality
Our teabags fabrics minimize tea flavor retention, unlike paper fabric, which absorbs and retains over five times its weight in water.

A Great Cup of Tea in Less Time

Optimized fabric breath-ability provides an immediate water contact and diffusion with the tea leaves, without any “ballooning effect.” Infusion time is optimized.

Allergen Free

Our teabags do not use chemical treatment during the manufacturing process. All components meet FDA requirements for Food and Beverage. The teabag is allergy and gluten-free.

The filter media is produced in accordance with NwN’s US Patent # 8,828,895 under the strict quality guidelines of ISO 9001-2015.

Brain Tea Ingredients

Gotu Kola and Brain Health

Taking Gotu Kola is a great way to enhance brain health. It has been shown to help regenerate brain cells by stimulating the release of brain-derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF supports cell production and growth. BDNF also increases neuroplasticity...

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Lion's Mane Mushroom and Brain Health

Lion’s Mane is high in two compounds that support brain cell growth. This can assist the brain in creating new connections and could help the cognitive process of learning something new. Lion’s Mane also helps the brain form new connections by supporting the...

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MCT Coconut Oil and Brain Health

MCT oil can supply the brain with 8-9% more energy. This can contribute to increased focus and mental clarity. It may also translate to feeling mentally sharper. It has been shown to improve cognitive function in hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) conditions...

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Ginkgo Biloba and Brain Health

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Brain Boost

Brain Tea Recipe

Why the world's most influential brain coach Jim Kwik drinks this herbal blend every morning.?

Brain Tea recipe contains a mixture of herbs, which include Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, MCT Coconut Oil, Lion’s Mane Mushroom. Together these herbs provide a blend that offers a natural brain booster. Individually, they are also quite powerful...

>> Brain Tea Recipe

Best Superfoods to Boost Your Brain Performance

Nature offers a wide range of nutrients in different colours, shapes, and flavours.

Most foods we have access to are indeed healthy, however, certain foods have additional benefits. These go above and beyond, and can help us to survive and thrive in this modern world, especially when it comes to brain health...

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Jim Kwik: Morning Habits of Successful People

Jim is answering the question 'what is his morning routine' in his podcast MY MORNING ROUTINE (HOW TO JUMPSTART YOUR BRAIN & DAY)

"My favorite brain tea is a combination of Gotu Kola, Ginkgo, Lion’s mane, and MCT oil" said Jim, and then he added: "This concoction stimulates my brain...

>> Jim Kwik: Morning Habits of Successful People

Why Tea?

The health benefits of tea have been known for centuries. It was a focal point of Chinese, Japanese and British ceremonies and rituals.

Now, fusing science and nature, Brain Tea™ delivers a tasty brain energy drink that will enhance your productivity, and brain health.

Our Teabags are made of PLA

PLA at a Glance

The process makes use of the carbon stored in plants by photosynthesis in the form of dextrose sugar.
The carbon and other elements in these sugars are then used to make a biopolymer through a process of fermentation and separation.
The resulting resin, called Polylactide (PLA), can then be extruded into fibres moulded thermoformed into the packaging.

PLA is more hydrophilic than common polyester fibres, facilitating wet-ability of the fabric.

The biopolymer can be clear, opaque, flexible, or rigid.
Much like polyester, it resists grease and oil, it provides Ultrasonic seal-ability and heat seal-ability at temperatures equivalent to polyolefin sealant resins.

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