How to Activate Your Brain Every Morning

How to Activate Your Brain Every Morning

Activate Your Brain Every Morning

How can you make your day better before it even starts? By setting yourself up for success. There are habits you can put in place to activate your brain. These habits can enhance your brain function daily. Keep reading to find out the best tips on how to activate your brain every morning.

Prioritize Sleep

Quality sleep is vital for healthy brain function. Sleep it neuroprotective. It improves memory and reduces mental fatigue. Experts suggest getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night [1]. Getting a good sleep is key to keeping your brain sharp throughout the day.


Exercise is known for its mood-boosting benefits. Did you know that it enhances brain function in other ways? Exercise regulates brain growth factors. This results in improved memory and focus [2]. It’s an easy and potentially free way to activate your brain.

Many studies show that exercise supports neurogenesis. That means exercise promotes brain neuron production. Other studies suggest that it also promotes brain plasticity [3]. Brain plasticity refers to creating new connections between neurons. Physical activity is a great tool for people who need a brain boost in the morning.


Meditation is about more than clearing your mind. It can change the composition of your brain. Meditation promotes the creation of new neurons in the brain. It also promotes the creation of new connections between neurons [4].

Meditation also provides another benefit. Relaxing and deep breathing during meditation helps provide oxygen to the brain. This  improves focus and attention. A 10-minute meditation each morning is all you need for a brain boost. Be sure to make it a habit. Most benefits are seen only after long-term practice [4].

Get into a Routine

Will Durant said that “excellence… is not an act, but a habit”. He’s right. Getting into a routine is all about establishing healthy habits. This can include anything that gives you a small sense of success. Making your bed is a great routine. It has been shown that individuals who make their bed every morning also report having a better sleep [1].

Part of your routine should include organizing or clearing your space. A clear physical space removes possible distractions. One study found that participants who described their home as “restful” or “restorative” as opposed to “cluttered” rated lower on stress and fatigue [5]. Having lower stress and fatigue is important for effective brain functioning [6].

There are other healthy habits you can add to your routine. Eating a healthy breakfast, gratitude journaling, or including any of these tips will help you activate your brain. It’s up to you to create a healthy morning routine that works for you.

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