Nature: 3 Reasons Why It’s The Ultimate Life Hack!

Key Takeaways

Nature’s Health Benefits

1. Cognition Enhancement

Spending time in nature can improve working memory, cognitive flexibility, and attentional control. Even brief interactions with natural environments can enhance cognitive performance and focus.

2. Mental Health Booster

Interacting with nature is linked to happiness, positive emotions, and reduced mental distress. Growing up near green spaces is associated with a lower risk of developing mental illnesses later in life.

3. Immunity Improvement

Spending time in natural environments can boost immune function, including elevating levels of white blood cells that are crucial for fighting off infection. Regular outdoor activities can help individuals feel healthier and more resilient.


As technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, many of us are growing reliant on screens and spending less time outdoors. Scientists, however, have consistently documented the numerous benefits of getting out into nature, including improved attention, reduced stress, better mood, and even lower risk of psychiatric disorders.

Research is now revealing the potential value of all types of natural environments, including green spaces like parks and forests and blue spaces like river and ocean views. As our understanding of nature's potential benefits continues to evolve, we can all work to better tap into Mother Nature's healing powers.

Nature’s Top 3 Benefits

1. Nature and Cognition Enhancement

Spending time in nature is a healing escape for your brain which is often overworked and stressed. Research shows that interacting with natural environments has significant cognitive benefits, and being surrounded by greenery can promote cognitive development in children and enhance self-control in adults.

Studies have also found that exposure to natural environments improves working memory, cognitive flexibility, and attentional control, while exposure to urban environments is associated with attention deficits. [1]

Researchers in Australia conducted an experiment where students engaged in a dull and draining task, with some of them taking a rest to look out at a flowering green roof while others looked at a concrete rooftop. They found that students who glanced at the greenery made significantly fewer mistakes. [2]

These findings suggest that just a few moments of connecting with nature can significantly improve our cognitive performance and help us maintain our focus.

2. Nature and Mental Health

There is ample evidence to suggest that interacting with nature provides emotional benefits. Studies have shown that contact with nature is associated with increased happiness, positive emotions, positive social interactions, and a sense of meaning and purpose while reducing mental distress. [3]

There is also evidence that spending time in nature during childhood can have long-lasting effects on mental health.

Researchers found that children who live in neighborhoods with more green space have a reduced risk of mental illness later in life, including depression, mood disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and substance use disorders.

On the other hand, people with little contact with green space during childhood have a 55% higher risk of developing mental illness compared to those who grew up with ample green space. [4]

3. Nature and Immunity Improvement

Staying indoors for prolonged periods can lead to weakened immune health. Your immune system relies on regular exposure to foreign substances, such as those found in nature, to function well.

Spending time in natural environments boosts immune function and prepares the body to fight off infection, as demonstrated by a 2010 study that found a three-day forest bathing trip led to elevated white blood cell levels for up to 30 days after. [5] 

These results are significant because white blood cells are crucial for immune system function, helping the body fend off harmful microbes and promoting overall health. By reinforcing the body's natural germ-fighting abilities through regular outdoor excursions, individuals can feel healthier and more resilient in all areas of life.


Ditch the device, step into nature! Take a walk in the wild or visit your local park for endless health benefits. Make outdoor activities your hobby, alone or with loved ones. Experience nature's healing powers and reap the rewards for your body and mind. Let's go!

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