3 Tribulus Terrestris Benefits To Know About


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Tribulus Terrestris, also known as goat head and devil’s thorn, or simply just Tribulus, is a plant that belongs to the Zygophyllaceae family whose small fruits have been used since ancient times. While this herb is an adaptogen, it doesn’t seem to have gotten the attention other adaptogens enjoyed. The reason is that its effects are more related to maintaining sex hormone balance than minimizing stress.


What Is Tribulus Terrestris


Tribulus Terrestris is a small plant that is recognized by its yellow flowers. Being a sun-loving tropical perennial plant, it grows especially in Saharan Africa and in the subtropical and desert regions around the world, including India, China, Mexico, and Bulgaria. (1) (2)

The plant has a composition rich in active compounds, none other than phytosterols (plant sterols), alkaloids (Tribulusterin), and steroids. In addition, the plant also contains natural antioxidants and flavonoids, which contribute to our cardiovascular health. 

But that's not all. Tribulus Terrestris consists of many active ingredients, including saponins and amines.

Finally, Tribulus contains protodioscin (Saponosides), one of the most active ingredients of Tribulus. It is to this singular composition that the plant owes its international fame. (3)

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits


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1 - Increases Testosterone Production And Enhances Sexual Health


Tribulus is mainly consumed for its ability to improve sexual performance. It is used as part of treatments by different medicines worldwide to combat sexual disorders, especially among men. 

In addition, Tribulus Terrestris contains large amounts of saponins. This active ingredient is known to be a precursor to testosterone production. As a result, and in a way, the consumption of Tribulus in the form of regular cures seems to improve hormonal production in men and their sexual performance. (4)

This naturally occurring steroidal compound stimulates testosterone production by subduing natural hormone receptors. This leads to more significant quantities of luteinizing hormone (LH), which encourages the Leydig cells in the testes to produce more testosterone. (5)


2 - Boosts Heart Health

Studies showed that saponins of Tribulus Terrestris can play a role in dilating coronary arteries and improving coronary circulation.

Tribulus is also helpful in reducing symptoms of angina or chest pain. A study found that Tribulus could relieve cases of angina with a total efficacy rate of 82.3%. It achieved these results by dilating coronary arteries and improving cardiac circulation. The researchers also found that Tribulus did not harm the liver or kidneys and had no side effects. (6)

3 - Reduces Stress


Another observed effect of Tribulus Terrestris is helping to alleviate the harmful effects of stress and other nervous tensions. Specialists consider these to be one of the most important causes of libido disorders, disrupting health to the extent that it makes it impossible to achieve an erection. Tribulus supplementation strengthens and immunizes the body against these factors. (7)


Possible Side Effects


There are a few potential side effects, but they’re minor. They include feeling weak or shaky, upset stomach, and trouble sleeping.

It’s also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.




Tribulus Terrestris is a plant with great medicinal potential that has been used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicines for thousands of years. However, to get real benefits from the plant, we advise you to choose a natural Tribulus. Follow the dosage indicated on the product, and do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.




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