Morning Habits of Successful People


Jim Kwik Recommending Brain Tea


Jim Kwik Morning Routine

Jim is answering the question 'what is his morning routine' in his podcast MY MORNING ROUTINE (HOW TO JUMPSTART YOUR BRAIN & DAY)

"My favorite brain tea is a combination of Gotu Kola, Ginkgo, Lion’s mane, and MCT oil" said Jim, and then he added: "This concoction stimulates my brain and increases my focus throughout the day."

We would love to invite you to watch Jim's video giving extremely valuable advice on 10 Morning Habits of Successful People


1. Remember your dreams
2. Make your bed
3. Drink Lots of water
4. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand
5. Deep breathing exercises
6. Brain tea
7. Journaling
8. Workout
9. Brain power smoothie
10. Daily reading


It is essential to mention that our blend of Brain Tea is not linked commercially to Jim Kwik; we love Jim as he's one of the most influencing experts in the field of brain training. We're pleased that Jim has found the same value in this blend that we found in our research for the best herbal ingredients to boost your brain.